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3 ways to “smash” a room mic

The possibilities are essentially endless. But these three techniques will take you less than a minute to try out.

If they don’t add some warmth or body to your mix, you can easily delete them and try something else.

It’s best to use parallel processing here. So create a double of your track or send it to a parallel track or playlist, then blend the “smashed” track back in to the mix.

  1. Use an 1176-style compressor in “all-buttons-in” mode.  The idea here is to completely destroy the transients of your parallel track. This tends to emphasise the decay and accentuate the sense of space.
  2. Use a high-pass and low-pass filter to roll off all of the highs and lows, leaving just the 500Hz-2KHz band. You can create some truly wicked sounds by doing this and then blend them in to taste.
  3. Use a high-pass to take out everything below 80Hz. Compress heavily and then use your favourite saturation plugin to tastefully overdrive the track.

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