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A Reaper “hack” for hanging MIDI notes

You’ve just got yourself a new Synth or Virtual instrument. You set to work building a great MIDI track. You hit play and it sounds great, but when you hit Pause or Stop ARGH!!! Why is the MIDI track still playing?

Unrelenting MIDI notes that go on and on forever have been around as long MIDI itself.

To get around this in Reaper, I created a Custom Action for Play/stop and assigned the Spacebar. Here’s what my custom action does:

  • Transport: Play/Stop
  • MIDI panic all OFF

Here’s how I created the Custom Action and assigned the Spacebar as the shortcut key:

  1. In Reaper, click the Actions menu and select Show actions list.
  2. In the lower half of the window, locate Custom Actions and click New.
  3. In the Custom action name field, type Custom Play/stop.
  4. In the Filter field, enter transport.
  5. Locate Transport: Play/stop and drag it to the right column.
  6. In the Filter field, enter midi off.
  7. Drag Send all notes off to all MIDI outputs/plug-ins to the right column.
  8. Tick Show action in actions menu and click OK.
  9. Make sure your new Custom Action is highlighted and under Shortcuts for selected action, click Add.
  10. Click Special key (Enter, Tab, etc…).
  11. Press the Spacebar and click OK.
  12. Click Yes to override the mapping (don’t worry, you can re-apply this to the default Transport: Play/stop action later if needed).
  13. Click Close and you’re done.

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