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Additional drum punch trick

You’ve just finished processing your drums and they sound amazing… when they’re solo’d… but when you bring back the rest of the mix, the other elements take over and the drums seem to vanish into the background.

If you’re happy with the sound of the processed drum tracks, you probably don’t want to go pushing faders around or changing the compression settings. So here’s a cheeky little trick that can give those drums another chance to shine.

How you execute this trick will vary based on your DAW and how you route your tracks, but the principle should apply regardless.

In my mix template, I have each of the drum tracks routed to a “DRUMS” Bus and not to the Master or Mix bus.

To give the drums just a little more presence, we’re going to create a new “PRESENCE” Bus and send the unprocessed (Pre FX) signal from the Snare track and the Kick track to the Presence bus.

Using the send volume controls for the new routings, I can then blend back in a little of the unprocessed Kick and Snare. This will give the drums some more presence, without having to re-do my entire mix of the drum tracks.

If this saved your drum mix or if you have a suggestions that might help our readers, let us know in the comments.

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