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How to increase or decrease the volume of a track segment in Reaper

Let’s say you have a vocal track with one word or phrase that’s just way above (or below) the rest of the track.

Here’s a simple way to drop the volume of just that word or phrase, which will help the track sit better in the mix. It will also save your compressor from working any harder than it needs to.

Ideally you would apply this in the early stages of the mix. Preferably before compression, EQ, panning or adding effects, in what I like to call the Static Mix phase.

  1. Right-click the track and select TakeTake volume envelope.
    The Take volume envelope will be displayed as a horizontal line along the centre of your track. In the example below it’s the red line, note that the colour may vary depending on the theme that you are using.
  2. Split the track (S key) either side of the offending word or phrase.
  3. Click and drag the Take volume envelope for the offending segment up or down to adjust the volume.

You can also click the Start Point or End Point to create a gradient.

Pressing and holding the command key (Mac OS) will let you manually draw in an envelope.

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