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JS: MIDI Note Constrain Plus – ‘one finger chords’ for Reaper

The JS plugin MIDI note constrain plus for Reaper by IXix is a fantastic tool that allows you to play, as the title of this article suggests, one finger chords.

Not only can you select the Root note, but you can also set the Scale: Chromatic, Dorian, Harmonic minor, Locrian, Lydian and many more. Snap Mode: Down/up, Up/down, Down, Up, Alternate, Random. Keyboard Mode: Chords low, Chords high, Chords full, Chords off. Chord Size: From three up to twelve.

There’s also options for chord inversion, strum time, velocity and many more. It’s an incredibly intuitive tool that lets you get on with the job at hand – one finger chords!

You can download MIDI note constrain plus from the Reaper resources stash.

To install MIDI note constrain plus

  1. Extract the contents of the zip file.
  2. Open Reaper, click Options and select Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder.
  3. Double-click the Effects folder and create a new folder e.g. Xixi (plugin author).
  4. Copy the files you extracted from the zip file into the folder you created.
  5. Return to reaper, click Options and select Preferences.
  6. Under Plug-ins select VST and click Re-scan.

MIDI note constrain plus should now appear in your list of JS plug-ins. If it doesn’t, the files haven’t been picked up by the re-scan. A restart of Reaper should fix that.

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